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Surfside Aquasports FAQs

Do I need a lot of upper body strength?

No. A common misconception. Our guides will show you a rolling stroke, a low impact, easy to do stroke and no sore muscles the next day.

Is the water deep?

No. Water depth in our reef protected lagoon ranges between 4 1/2 ft and 5 1/2 ft depending on tidal heights.

What do I need to bring along?

We will provide everything tour related. A bottle of water for each person. The mask and snorkel for the snorkeling part of the tour and a Power-Bar type snack. You simply dress for the beach. Swimsuit, sunglasses, cap or visor, sunscreen and a towel. A T-Shirt or top of some sort as well. You know how you do in the sun better than we do.

Can I bring my camera?

Sure! If your camera is good for shallow water by all means bring it along. We do have inexpensive cameras for sale at the beach as well as caps and T-Shirts.

Is there a place to store our stuff while we're kayaking?

Yes, a storage area is provided at no charge at our beach location.

Will I flip over?

Probably not. We do have the occasional flip over but it's a rare occurrence.

Does the water go all around the island?

Yes, just like in Hawaii.

Can I swim under the island?

Hmmm...m!!! Where did you say you were from?